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CoNatural Saffron Face Wash 150ml

CoNatural Saffron Face Wash 150ml

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Saffron Face Wash is a luxurious and gentle cleanser that is made with pure saffron extract. Saffron is a spice that is known for its Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, and Anti-Aging properties. It is also a natural source of carotenoids, which help to brighten the skin and give it a Radiant Glow.

Benefits of Saffron Face Wash:

  • Cleanses and purifies the skin
  • Brightens and evens out skin tone
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Protects the skin from environmental damage

    Suitable for all skin types.

    How to use:

      1. Wet your face with warm water.
      2. Apply a small amount of saffron face wash to your hands and massage it into your skin.
      3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
      4. Pat your skin dry.
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