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Framesi - FramColor Glamour - 5 Light Chestnut

Framesi - FramColor Glamour - 5 Light Chestnut

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Framcolor Glamour is a pre-mixed and super-balanced permanent color. It is easy to apply and rinse. It is low in ammonia and contains Vitamins C and E. It contains protective coverage technology, which protects the hair and covers white hair completely with a bright and vibrant color by fighting free radicals and oxidation giving a uniform result. It lightens up to 5 levels and has 50% less color fading. It is the ideal color to cater to your needs. Parabens and gluten free. Get the best hair colors in Pakistan only at


Framcolor Glamour Naturals is a color series which provides superior grey coverage with natural looking hair. Use it to cover your greys and preserve your natural looks. It gives a natural cool coverage. It can also be used for fashion colors and highlights. It is recommended to be used with Professional Activator 20 (developer) for 30-35 minutes to achieve a perfect coverage, Professional Activator 30 or 40 (developer) for 45 minutes to achieve a fashion color and Professional Activator 20 (developer) for 5-15 minutes for toning and highlights. It is to be used in the ratio 1:1 (color : developer).


  • Provides up to 100% of grey coverage.
  • Gives perfectly natural results for coverage, fashion base color and highlights
  • Recommended to be used with Professional Activator 20, 30 or 40 (developer) depending on the usage
  • Recommended time: 5-45 minutes depending on the usage
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